Tips installing Kuron 825 motor and torox 185 ESC on Sketer


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Ran a pack 2day. It is absolutely mental on 4s now. Tires where like pancakes. Gonna put my belted ones back on. And i have to change centre diff oil. Atm 100k. Gonna go for 500k. I really love my car now. Not so hot anymore. Cornering is a bit tricky now. Rolls over quicker. Other oil will hopefully help. Its a beast 💪 Will upgrade more as i go. I can advise anyone to change the Esc and motor. It is easy and well worth it. Need 2 learn to drive it again 🤣
Sweet! Glad to hear. Yeah, the Sketer is a compact layout for that much power. It really is dimensionally the same as a 1/8 buggy. Enjoy!!