Worth upgrading to Max 8 G2

I think KT got one of his rigs to 100mph on grass, unless I dreamt it. 🤔 Wasn't it with the sausage?

Max 8 combo is what people say the Corally electronics are based on - yet, a number of reviewers are quick to point out that these stock electronics are noticeably faster. The Torox 185 and Kuron 825 seem to be tweaked by Corally.

Brand name:Team Corally
Max. Cont. Current (A):120A
Input Voltage (V):7.4 - 25.2V
Kv Rating:2050kV
Motor Shaft ø:5mm
Motor Type:Brushless 4-Pole
Motor Length:74mm
Motor ø:41mm
Max. Power (Watt):3000W
Motor Rear bearing size:5x13x4mm
Motor Front bearing size:5x16x5mm
Connector(s) Type:6.5mm male bullet connector
Motor weight:415g
Recommended ESC(s):C-54011

The 2050kv 4174 is 4.02 HP!! 😳

Getting a bigger can motor with more torque will pull higher gearing and run cooler, but then it's going to be heavier and require lifting (higher CoG) or modification to the side guards.

Max 8 is 4274, so is physically different, the 2200 kv is also rated at 3000w.

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Yes KT tried it with belted tyres on a boggy but the tread came off. I haven’t watched the attempt with his red sausage yet. I will have a look. I know he wanted 100mph on grass. He has a lot more resources that me, not to mention a few more pennies in the bank.
I have looked also at TP motors as a lot of those are longer but not much wider but they are not cheap. For the money I think HW as you say is the way to go. I thought of the 4278 though. There is about 20mm of room for a longer motor on the Python. I understand from MiBi that this will work fine with the Torox but without the sensor wire. Think I should stop contemplating and get it done
Any speed runs on grass will be hard, tyres will be the deciding factor..!! They're aren't many, if any that will take 100mph+
Yeah, I haven’t found any, the best I’ve found Mach 10’s wrapped with fishing line to stop them ballooning and less chance of throwing a tread. The stock ones are more of a road tyre
Do it..!!!
Suggestions recommend upgrading to the G2 max8, isn’t the Torox a cloned max8. So even with the HW 4278 I am not gaining anything that warrants spending the money. I am looking for more speed. Heat isn’t really an issue as I don’t run it hard for long. Is the Castle 1515 V2 worth doing or a TP 4030, 3500kv @ 6S sounds great on paper but what ESC would be needed as it’s 204amps. Not looking at going to 8S as this is too costly.