Asuga Tires for Asuga

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I found a set of dboots Katar T belted truggy tires I have laying around. They are 5.5" in diameter and are the width of buggy tires. Now all I have to do is get the stock wheels off of the Asuga so I can try them - they are really tight. I probably need to heat the wheels a bit.
Been following this as I was looking at options for my Asuga as well and one thing that's a concern that seems to get forgotten is by going slightly larger in diameter the shocks bottom out before the chassis does destroying the shocks and in pretty quick time if you're a jumper....

Just avoid "Louise"!
Just wondering have you had a bad experience with them? Have to say I put the Louise Truggy racing wheels/tyres on my Muraco after hating the rig after my first drive, factory tyres were terrible, and I can not tell you how awesome my Muraco is to drive with the Louise T Pirate's on it.. Mates and I set up tracks to race around on in bushland or parks and the Muraco is so accurate and hooked up I never get sick of driving it..
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I've had overall good experiences with Duratrax tires. I just try and keep in mind that they are a budget line of tires/wheels. So, not perfect, or the most durable out there. Still sad that they're all but gone from the US market..
No, never touched wet surface.
I sent e-mail to Louise, and they don't reply to me :/
No, never touched wet surface.
I sent e-mail to Louise, and they don't reply to me :/
Well that's pi$$ poor customer service!

Never tried Louise tyres. Not impressed by your experience at all.

It's normal for 1/8th wheels/tyres to need balancing with upto a few grams of weights, but these look malformed and entirely out of round and flat-spotted. They're obviously defective.

Good luck. 👍💪
Someday when I'm really in the mood to experiment, I'll put them in a pot and boil them to see what the hell is in them!
If they were mine, I'd throw all 4 in a bucket (with a lid) along with a couple gallons of acetone. Usually takes a couple days for the glue to release, but the tires will literally fall right off the wheels, then a few days for everything to dry out. Start over, glue them back up and see what you've got. As long as the bucket seals well, you'll have that acetone for a long while, it's handy to have for tires that come partially unglued, or won't stay glued. Sometimes there's oil or whatever on the wheels/tires from the OE where they just won't stay glued. An acetone bath will clean that off real nice!! I find alot of premounted tires are less than good/straight. Some tires and pretty much all open cell foams will "bloat" or swell from the acetone, but they shrink back down once the acetone evaporates.
The white lettering will be erased by the acetone too, not sure if that matters to you.